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Post  jxwzjxwz on Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:50 am

My username is jxwzjxwz.I used to login every day. However, I cannot login today! I think someone steal my account and changed my password and email dress,could you help me check about it?

Transaction Overview
Reference No:EA8C8-C1941-075E3

Date: 9/7/2008 1:52:06 PM
Reference No: EA8C8-C1941-075E3
Transaction Type: Transfer received from
Method: OlympicBux LTD.
Current Status: Completed
Amount: $3.93 USD
Purchase Type: Service

Please help me check it out and send the new password to my


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Can not login Empty Re: Can not login

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:16 am

You do not have enough evidence to say that this is your account.
I think that you are cheats.
You have to send you the IP address of your computer at the time of registration, and only after that coincides you send your password to the email.



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